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Monday, January 8, 2018

5 Cool Tips And Tricks For iphone X

Iphone X

You just got your shiny new iPhone X. It’s the phone of the future, today! You got it all set up and even picked up a few new iPhone X-optimized games.

Now it’s time to take your iPhone X mastery to the next level. These tips will help you work through some of the interface quirks and point out features about which you may not have known.

1.Quickly show the app switcher

iphone X Screen

Officially, one brings up the app switcher by dragging up from the bottom of the screen and pausing for a second, until all the app cards show up.

But you can speed this up a bit. For starters, you don’t always have to wait for all the cards to show up—just a brief pause will do it. 

You might find the easiest way to pop those app cards into view is to quickly swipe up and over to the side (in either direction), sort of like an upside-down “L” shape. You can do this very quickly and it makes the app cards pop right up.

You don’t have to swipe up very far, either. Really, any upward swipe will work as long as your finger remains on the screen when it stops its upward momentum. Experiment a little bit and you’ll find that you can get the app switcher to show up very quickly. 

2.Show battery percentage

iphone X Screen

Unfortunately, there’s no setting to show the battery percentage in the status bar. Now that it’s split into the left and right side of the notch, there just isn’t room.
The quickest way to show your remaining battery percentage is to look at Control Center. Just swipe down from the upper-right side of the notch.
The easiest way to see your battery percentage is, unfortunatley, to show the Control Center.
Hopefully, a future iOS update will allow you to tap on the status bar to show battery percentage, Do Not Disturb status, and other useful info.

3.Force a hard restart

iphone X Screen

If your iPhone X becomes totally unresponsive, you can try forcing a hard restart. 

Quickly press and release Volume Up, then Volume Down, then press and hold the Side button. Remember, do not hold down either of the volume buttons, but do hold the Side button. After holding it for about 10-15 seconds, you’ll see the Apple logo, and you can let go.
If your iPhone X becomes completely unresponsive, try a hard restart.

4.Add a virtual Home button

iphone X Screen

If you just gotta have your Home button back, you can create a virtual one using Assistive Touch. Well, sort of—it’s a hack but it works.
Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. Once you’re in this deep settings sub-menu you’ll have to toggle AssistiveTouch on and select Customize Top Level Menu. You’ll notice it is set to 6 icons by default, so press the minus sign until it’s down to one. 

Tap on that one icon (probably a star that says “custom”) and set it to “Home.”

Back in the AssistiveTouch menu, you may want to lower the Idle Opacity setting, so your virtual home button will be easier to see through if it blocks an important part of the screen. 

Just drag your virtual home button to the center of the bottom of your phone, or really anywhere else you’d like it to go.

5.Turn on Reachability

iphone X Screen

The extra-tall display on the iPhone X makes it even harder to reach up to the top with your thumb. And now that Control Center is there, you may have to do it more often.

The easiest solution is to enable Reachability, which shifts the entire screen downward so you can easily reach the top.
You’ll find the toggle in Settings > General > Accessibility.

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