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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

6 Huawei Honor 9i Tips and Tricks You need to know

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1. Get a Dedicated Key for Notifications
Accessing notifications is one of the most frequently used features in a smartphone. Though there are a couple of smart ways to access the notification drawer, the Honor 9i offers a cool shortcut to access the same.

All you have to do is head over to Settings > Navigation key and enable the third (or the fourth) option. Having done that, tap on the far-right button to see what news awaits your attention.

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It’s particularly useful if you find it a tad difficult to stretch your thumb to the other end of the phone.

Did you know, that you can access the Quick Settings menu by swiping down with two fingers?

2. Make the Status Bar Litter-free
A status bar with scattered notification icons or carrier names isn’t anyone’s wish when it comes to the ideal status bar. The good news with the Honor 9i is that you can control what appears on its status bar.

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From icons to network speed, you can get rid of them all in a jiffy. Head over to Notifications & status bar settings and toggle the switches off.

3. Swipe through Pictures with Fingerprint Sensor
When we talk about special highlights of feature-rich ROMs, there are a few notable ones that immediately come to mind, including OnePlus 5’s gestures, Xiaomi’s Gaming Performance mode, or Samsung’s Secure Folder.

The fingerprint sensor of the Honor 9i is one such highlight, which does a neat job of grabbing this special feature spotlight. Not only does it let you browse through the Gallery using the slide gesture, it can also be used to answer calls, stop alarms or pull down the notification panel.

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This can prove to be a tiny but significant step towards preventing the onset of the texting thumb – a common discomfort afflicting the smartphone-addicted generation.

4. Add a Floating Dock Button
Another handy feature of the Honor 9i is the Floating Dock button. A circular version of the navigation bar, comprising the added functionality of two buttons, lets you access the phone’s software navigation keys from any part of the screen.

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The best part of this floating dock is that it exists alongside the navigation bar at the bottom. It also comes with the added functionality of a lock screen button. However, there is no option to edit the layout.

To enable the feature, head over to Settings > Smart Assistance and hit activate.

5. Knuckle Gestures
The Knuckle gestures feature is a unique offering from Huawei, which lets you perform a multitude of tasks such as taking screenshots, launching an app or triggering the split-screen mode.

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This has been made possible by Huawei’s innovative Knuckle Sense technology that can differentiate between finger gestures and knuckle touches.
Head over to Settings > Smart Assistance > Motion Control and enable the option as per your taste and choice.
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