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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

9 Best Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy A8+ You Should Know

Samsung Galaxy A8+

Samsung Galaxy A8 + is one of the new entrants to join the Dual Camera race. The leading 8-megapixel camera and 16-megapixel camera on the front, the Galaxy A8 + can achieve excellent portrait shots.

1. Adjust the Background Blur

Samsung Galaxy A8+Samsung Galaxy A8+

One of the highlights of the Galaxy A8+ is the dual front camera. As we mentioned above, this setup lets you snap awesome pictures with the bokeh effect. But is that all the phone is capable of? Of course not!

Similar to the Galaxy Note8's camera, you can adjust the background blur much later after you have clicked the picture. Just head over to Gallery, open the image and tap on the Adjust Background Blur option. 

2. Time for Wefies

Samsung Galaxy A8+

If you have a huge group of friends, it's a little difficult to fit them all in a single selfie. That's when the Wide Selfies feature aka Wefies of the Galaxy A8+ comes in handy.

It takes three shots together. All you need to do is tap on the mode that says Wide Selfie and hit the shutter button. Gently swivel the camera in both the directions and you'll end up with a perfect panoramic selfie.

3. Add a Camera Mode Shortcut
Samsung Galaxy A8+Samsung Galaxy A8+

If you love the camera modes just as I do, how about adding a shortcut to the home page? Yes, the Galaxy A8+ comes with a nifty solution to add your favorite modes so that you can reach them quickly.

Swipe left to go the camera modes, tap on the three-dot menu and tap on the Add shortcut on home screen option. Simple!

4. Use the Stickers!

Samsung Galaxy A8+ camera mood

Stickers and live filters are the talk of the town and the Galaxy A8+ has also jumped aboard this bandwagon. From goofy cat ears to ridiculous head gears — you can try them all.

These stickers work with both the rear and the front camera. All you need to do is tap on the Stickers icon at the lower-right corner and experiment with many different looks.

6. Tap Screen to Take Selfies

Samsung Galaxy A8+

Let's admit it, at times, the selfie button can be difficult to reach and pressing the volume button doesn't always produce great pictures. For one, you might end up with blurred images.

If you're familiar with the above drill, trust the selfie shortcuts to take care of it. Head over to Settings > Front Camera and tap on the card that says Shooting methods. Once in, tap on the option that says Tap screen. 

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