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Friday, January 26, 2018

'America First policy is not America alone' :Trump Davos speech

President Of America Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has told global finance leaders that he will always put the United States when he comes for business, but "it does not mean America is the only one".

In his inaugural speech on Friday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he said, "The business is open for business." But he continued to attack "violent" trade practices, and told warners to warn that America would not tolerate unfair business.

Mr Trump's election campaign is the first focused on America, which aims to protect local manufacturers from overseas competition. This policy is contradictory to the goal of the Davos Conference to promote globalization and cooperation.
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Mr Trump praised economic achievements in his first year, including cutting corporate taxation tax and unemployment rates, and said that the US. Foreign investment is more attractive than before.

"I'm here to deliver a simple message - there's no better time to rent, build, invest and grow in the United States. America is open to business and we're competitive again," he said. Raising a strong economy in the U.S., he urged foreign investors to "bring your money, your jobs, your businesses to America".

President Of America Donald Trump

As they were speaking, the US Recent statistics for economic development were presented, showing a slowdown in growth from 3.2% to 2.6% in the last quarter of last year. This means that the annual growth for 2017 was 2.3%, which was 1.5% in 2016 but the president's target was less than 3%. In an interview, Mr Trump told ITV's Pierce Morgan: "If you are telling me, they are horrible people, frightening, racist people. I would definitely apologize if you want me to do it."

After the President's Trump speeches disclosed 50 percent new tariffs on the imported Washington machines and solar panels, days after the provocation of China and South Korea - the primary targets of measurement

In Davos, Treasury Secretary Steve Monuchi has also warned of "more to come" on trade tariffs.
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