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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


 ICE Orb bluetooth speaker floating very amazing. I love it. This is one of the coolest concepts and crisp sounds that I heard. I have been a long wait to get bluetooth speaker is nice, I need 3 times to put it in the Middle, but I finally got it! I'm enjoying this moment. Wheel. Floating ice is such a wonderful speaker Bluetooth Speaker that defy and challenge conventional methods for listening to music. The key is to get all 4 lights on the base and switch once lined the same float, this is very nice. The ice ball is equipped with a revolutionary dynamic stabilization mechanism of next generation indicating stability float using the four blue. Can your friends jealous when you have a ball of ice. However please note, these are serious speakers shy away from kids and electronics. Rarely one comes across a product so beautiful and yet so makes sense in this form factor and functionality complement the style of fast-changing lifestyle of this generation.

With the float ball is not just a piece of Bluetooth speakers were beautifully designed, but also a work of art made to perfection. Ice ball base is a thin 25 mm circular thickness roam the beautiful balls in the air. When we look at the technology behind it, there is more than meets the eye completely. With Bluetooth, NFC & people may refer to ice ball in more ways, fill using the devices, carrying the ball as a standalone speaker and so on. In addition to this function, the base is equipped with a USB port that was perfectly integrated to let you charge the tablet and smartphone, when the base is connected directly to the power source.


Spinning ball is equipped with a system of high quality speakers that allows you to play songs at a high volume level without distortion or noise. This makes it so your ice ball all-in-one video hub that not only allows you to listen to music, but also to build your smart device simultaneously. The ball spun out of the ordinary on the Foundation does not compromise the sound quality or clarity, but just leaves you with music and can be carried as a portable speaker. The ICE Orb is a Bluetooth speaker adrift.

ICE Orb Bluetooth Speaker Price: $109.99

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