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Monday, January 8, 2018

Diet, gyms, among Google’s top searches in the first week of 2018

NEW DELHI: Google had already revealed the top searches for the year 2017. But this time it has revealed what users around the globe searched for in the first week of 2018. The company over the weekend revealed that most of the searches were regarding users' New Year resolutions for losing weight. Many also searched for places where there is snowing, while others searched for warm places.


"It's a new year, and some of this week's trends (with data from Google News Lab) are about adjusting: to a new gym routine, unexpected weather, and a new law in California," said Elisabeth Leoni, managing editor, The Keyword.

Leoni added that the phrase "gyms near me" got an all time high this month. In addition to this there was a 200% increase in the interest for 'new year diet' this week. A good amount of users also searched for phrases like "What is a New Year's resolution for kids?" "What is the history behind New Year's resolutions?" and "Who made the first New Year's resolution?"

Also mentioned was that the question that was top-searched was "What is a bomb cyclone?" This is due to the winter storm that hit the east coast of the US this week. In addition, top how to's on Google Search included "how to thaw frozen pipes," "how to keep pipes from freezing," and "how to fix frozen pipes."

Some users also search for warm places on Google in the past seven days. "Despite the cold weather, people have something warm to look forward to: The lineup for Coachella 2018 was announced this week, and search interest in "Coachella tickets" went up nearly 6,500 percent," sayd Leoni.

As marijuana sales got legal in California last week, most people in the region searched for "where to buy legal weed in Los Angeles," "What is the tax on weed in California," and "Where can I buy marijuana?"
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