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Monday, January 1, 2018

On First Raw Of 2018 Roman Reigns To Defend Intercontinental Title In Match With Huge Stipulation

The Big Dog will put his Intercontinental Championship on the line on Monday.

WWE is set to start the New Year with a bang as Roman Reigns defends his Intercontinental Championship in a huge match on Raw on Monday.
Reigns put his title on the line against dangerous rival Samoa Joe on Raw last week, however, the match ended in a disqualification thanks to Roman.
When the referee demanded he stop hitting Joe in a corner, The Big Dog refused to adhere to the official's count and disrespectfully shoved him away.

That gave the Samoan Submission Machine the victory, but not the Intercontinental title, as per normal rules, a title cannot change hands via a disqualification.
Raw general manager Kurt Angle has now revealed that the next time these two juggernauts collide, there will not be the same controversial outcome.
Angle announced on Twitter that Reigns will once again defend his title against Joe, but this time around, if he gets disqualified, he will lose his gold belt.
Fans will be very intrigued to see how this one pans out, as neither Reigns nor Joe - both firm company favourites - often lose a singles match cleanly.
Roman responded in a video clip by holding up the Intercontinental Championship and saying: "It's Kurt's job to make the rules. It's my job to defend this."

Reigns has been enraged by a series of sneak attacks carried out on him by Joe, who also ambushed his Shield team mate Dean Ambrose with The Bar.
That assault by Joe on The Lunatic Fringe was used as a storyline cover for Ambrose needing nine months off to recover from surgery to repair a torn tricep.
If Reigns loses his temper again, he could drop the title to the former NXT Champion, but equally, his Samoan rival must ensure he stays within the rules.
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