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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Top 5 Smart Watch In The World

1.Apple Watch Series 2

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The Apple Watch is in version 2.0, while the software is in 3.0. This clearly indicates that even Apple wasn’t completely sure how a smartwatch could add value to your life. But they are learning fast, and so are we, as consumers.

Buying a smartwatch has always been about either fitness or about making a tech statement. Sure, a lot of them prance around wanting to be fashionistas, but who are we kidding here, really? The world doesn’t need another fashion watch with a notification bar. What the world needs is a watch that can bridge the gaps between a novelty product, a fitness band and a ‘smart-looking’ watch. In many ways, the Apple Watch 2 addresses all those concerns. It’s perhaps the single biggest version 2.0 launch of any Apple product in recent years, and coupled with Watch OS3, shows how and where it can add real value by being your wrist’s best friend.

Price: $309.99 

2.Garmin Vivoactive 3
Garmin Vivoactive 3
The Vivoactive series has given us some of the most interesting, and least appreciated, fitness watches going.

They match the GPS-tracking chops of the most expensive Garmins with a design that doesn’t make you look like a wannabe Bear Grylls.Why so little love? Traditionally, Vivoactives have been small, but kinda ugly. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 changes all that.

At 11.7mm thick it is, well, a normal size. The Fenix 5 is 15.5mm thick. That 4mm makes a big difference. There’s a stainless steel ring around the screen, super-tough fibre-reinforced polymer on the sides and more metal on the back.

Price: $299.99 

Samsung Gear S3

Forget square screens and clever crowns - this has a fully round display, funky rotating bezel and circular-centric OS that actually makes sense in a smartwatch.

In fact, it's everything that made us big fans of last year's Gear S2, only without the plastic fantastic design. This metal marvel might be the first Android-friendly smartwatch to truly deserve a spot on your wrist.Here’s why I’m not letting one leave my arm without a fight.

The leather strap and stainless steel finish on this Classic version give it a real touch of class, albeit from a distance. Get up close and that overly shiny metal won’t out-bling a quality Omega or Tag analogue watch.

Price: $269.95 

Apple Watch Series 1

You: Well, honestly, look at them all. They’re not even talking to each other. I mean what’s the point of going to dinner if all you do is bury your head like that. It’s a disgrace. Ooh, hold on, I think I’ve got a text. *dives for phone*

Tackling that is the primary job of any smartwatch, and Apple’s smartwatch does so with characteristic grace. But it’s only the first job. What the Apple Watch does is apply a little extra grace to almost every aspect of smartwatch design, and while its capabilities each have their own small impact, they combine to make life just a little bit better.

The build quality is so much higher than with any rival smartwatch we've tested that it’s not even really a competition. And thanks to some extensive hands-on sessions I can confirm that’s true even if you’re looking at the “entry-level” Apple Watch Sport - although it was the more deluxe Apple Watch that I selected as a review sample.

Price: $239.99 

5.Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport

Get ready for some slick tracking and wearable smarts, this might just be the best fitness watch around.Samsung launched the Gear Sport which looks almost identical to last years Gear S3.

This is an all-new sporty version of the Gear S3 which also undercuts it by a good price margin while making it waterproof for some pool time.After many hours of unwilling workouts and flapping around in swimming pools, we’re impressed by this wrist-hugging fitness buddy.

I really like how it looks and the design isn’t purely aesthetic. It carries that rotating bezel of the Gear S3 and still feels wonderful to use. The screen size is now 1.2in as opposed to the 1.3in of the Gear S3 but the whole watch isn’t exactly round like the Gear S3, the lugs are a bit squarish. I didn’t find the watch massive for my hands (I am 5.8ft tall) but shorter people with smaller hands might want to wear it before purchasing.

Price: $299.99 

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