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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: How the smart speakers compare

It’s supposed to be the year of the smart speaker. While Google and Amazon have already made their presence felt with Echo and Home devices, Apple was a late entrant with its HomePod. Recently, it was reported that Samsung too is entering the market with its Bixby-oriented speaker. In India, it’s Amazon’ Echo range which is widely available, in other markets Google has done very well. Here’s how the two speakers square up in terms of features and specifications:
Amazon Echo vs Google Home: How the smart speakers compare
Google Home stands ate 5.6-inches tall and also offers six colour and metal shells. The top is slightly sloped and has a touch-capacitive display, there are four LEDs that give visual feedback. There’s also a mute button at the back of the device.

Amazon Echo, on the other hand, comes in a cylindrical shape and is 5.9-inches tall. The speaker is available in six fabrics and finishes and the top of the speaker has a light ring which can be used to adjust volume.

Voice Assistants
Being a smart speaker, Google Home uses its Assistant efficiently and one can ask all types of questions. The Assistant is enabled to give answers to all those questions. It works on the same technology and principle as it does on Android devices.

Amazon has its own voice assistant Alexa on hand which gives information about weather, plays music, tells you sports scores, weather and also get information from Bing search. For those who are already Amazon Prime users, they can order products which have been ordered before.

Smart Home
Amazon Echo is equipped to control Alexa-enabled products like light, fan, etc. If you want to switch on the fan or increase the temperature of the AC, you can simply ask Alexa to do it. Several brands, including Samsung, Philips, Honeywell, have already got products integrated with Alexa capabilities in the market.

Google Home speaker relies heavily on its Assistant to be smart. It too can control smart lights, switches among other things Google Home also acts as a receiver for Chromecast devices.

Connectivity options
While Google Home is a Wi-Fi-enabled speaker, it does lack Bluetooth connectivity. There’s also the option of streaming music directly from the cloud or from Google Play Music, Spotify and Youtube. Google Home has dual side-facing passive radiators which provide ample sound quality.
Amazon Echo supports Bluetooth and can play music from any device. You get access to Amazon Music and other options like Spotify also get support. The Echo has a 0.6-inch tweeter and a 2.5-inch woofer.

Amazon Echo retails at Rs 9,999 there are other variants like Echo Dot and Echo Plus which are priced at Rs 4,499 and Rs 14,999 respectively.

Google Home isn't available in India at the moment but comes with a price tag of $129.
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